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Axellio and Garland Technology Partner

Axellio and Garland Technology Partner to Mitigate Business Critical Vulnerabilities with Complete Visibility

Partnership Provides Packet-Level Insights For Real-Time Data Analysis

Colorado Springs, CO/New York, December 9, 2020 - Axellio, a leading innovator in high-performance network packet capture, storage, and analysis solutions, today announced a technology partnership with Garland Technology, a leading provider of network test access point (TAP), packet broker, and cloud visibility solutions. The joint solution is designed to provide exceptional visibility and analysis of organizations’ network traffic to dramatically improve the detection of cybersecurity threats.

“Reliable packet level-visibility is essential to obtain accurate results from an organization’s monitoring infrastructure and to get to the root cause of any attack,” said Bill Miller, CEO, Axellio. “However, as data volume exponentially grows within networks, this is a daunting challenge. Axellio and Garland have solved this issue through a solution that captures data at extremely high rates without so much as one packet lost. This eliminates any blind spots in networks, significantly improving their cybersecurity posture.” Axellio PacketXpress and Garland Technology’s visibility solutions come together to provide complete traffic data for detailed forensics on events while also buffering the monitoring and analysis infrastructure. Capturing and recording data up to 100Gbps sustained with zero packet loss, the solution extends the useful life of the network and security monitoring and analysis applications while reducing operating costs.

“The majority of cyberattacks begin within the confines of the network, which is vulnerable to a wide range of risks. Creating end-to-end visibility eliminates dangerous blind spots and improves cybersecurity,” said Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder, Garland Technology. “We’re excited to work with Axellio to strengthen the security architecture where there may be vulnerabilities within an enterprise, the federal government, and military agency networks.”

Integration Benefits

To eliminate the possibility of blind spots and allow for deep packet analysis, the Axellio and Garland Technology solution captures 100% of the packet data across any infrastructure. Once the data is captured and stored from Garland’s visibility solution of network TAPs and Advanced Aggregators, Axellio PacketXpress streamlines the analysis process, shortening time to resolution, providing rapid access to any pre-or post-event data for forensic analysis.

Axellio PacketXpress, through its store-and-forward approach, smooths out traffic spikes by distributing captured traffic at controlled rates up to 100 Gbps that would otherwise overload monitoring applications and lead to data loss. This extends the useful life of the monitoring infrastructure, delaying necessary upgrades. For root cause and forensic analysis, Axellio PacketXpress also provides fast access to all packets pre-and post-event, replaying packets of interest to quickly determine the mitigation for any security breach.

IT Ops and Sec Ops Benefits

  • Onboard data store-and-forward to smooth out traffic spikes that otherwise overload applications and lead to data loss.
  • Zero packet loss at sustained 100 Gbps for reliable real-time analysis that keeps up with traffic growth.
  • Accelerate time-to-root cause with streamlined analysis and fast access to all pre and post events.
  • Replay any traffic anytime for repeated scenario analysis or for validation of deployed mitigations.
  • Full visibility across your entire network – physical and virtual
  • Lowest footprint and cost to performance ratio in the industry.
  • Modular hardware and software configuration for extensible storage, memory, and processing.

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About Axellio

Axellio Inc. is a leading innovator in high-performance network packet capture, storage, and analysis solutions. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Axellio was spun-out in 2018 from an earlier company with a twenty-year legacy of innovation in enterprise IT high-performance storage solutions for commercial enterprise as well as aerospace and defense agencies. Axellio developed a unique solution for the most challenging problem in network and security operations: how to capture packets both economically and reliably for detailed analysis while providing efficient access to the data.

About Garland

Garland Technology is an industry leader delivering network products and solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Since 2011, Garland Technology has developed the industry’s most reliable test access points (TAPs) and packet brokers, enabling data centers to address IT challenges and gain complete network visibility. For more information, or learn more about the inventor of the first bypass TAP technology, visit or @GarlandTech.