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Axellio - PacketXpress

Axellio Awarded Patent for PacketXpress Technology

Colorado Springs, CO, January 16, 2024 - Axellio®, a pioneer in the development of network intelligence platforms, today received a patent for its proprietary PacketXpress® technology. This award highlights the technical innovation of PacketXpress, reflecting its essential role in cybersecurity and its unique features.

The patent details groundbreaking methods that significantly enhance the performance and accuracy of cyber and network security analysis systems for real-time and for forensic analysis. These methods enable capturing, storing, and distributing network traffic simultaneously at speeds exceeding 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Unique aspects of the patent include the ability to store data onto disk without any packet loss at very high speeds, while simultaneously searching and reading the disk at over 100 Gbps without impacting intake performance. These innovations solidify Axellio's position as a leading innovator in this space and underscore its commitment to providing powerful solutions that set new standards in the industry.

"This award goes beyond mere validation. It's a bold declaration of PacketXpress' pioneering capabilities in the world of cybersecurity," said Scott Aken, CEO, Axellio. "This accomplishment fuels our passion for creating unparalleled technology that serves defense, intelligence, and global security missions."

PacketXpress is a crucial component of Axellio's work with its largest customer, the U.S. Army, for its Garrison Defensive Cyberspace Operations Platform (GDP). In this role, it is actively utilized to detect and track anomalous activity, strengthen the Army’s cybersecurity, and uphold the integrity of their network systems.

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About Axellio

Axellio® provides extreme high-performance, scalable, compact, economical, and simultaneous time-series data ingest, storage and distribution solutions for the defense and intelligence community at speeds exceeding 100 Gbps. Axellio’s PacketXpress® platform focuses on network traffic packet capture, distribution, and analysis for cybersecurity monitoring and forensic analysis, and is operationally deployed with the US Army worldwide. For intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications (ISR), Axellio’s SensorXpressTM offers ingestion and storage of RF data from sensors and distributes it to analysis applications simultaneously at rates exceeding 100 Gbps.  Learn more about Axellio at

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