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Axellio Partners with Corelight to Provide Customers Unprecedented Visibility Across Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Infrastructure

Partnership will equip federal organizations and agencies with the visibility necessary to disrupt attacks early

Colorado Springs, CO, August 10, 2022 — Axellio, an innovator in cyber security threat detection and response solutions, today announced a partnership with Corelight, the leader in open network detection and response (NDR), that will combine comprehensive network detection and response (NDR) for broader visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure for mutual customers in the federal market.

Under terms of the partnership, Axellio’s PacketXpress® product is being integrated with Corelight’s Open NDR platform, creating a solution that offers insightful behavioral analytics to help identify malicious network traffic and stop network intrusions in their tracks. PacketXpress is an application-agnostic, open network intelligence platform that captures, stores, and forwards all the traffic for organizations’ network security applications. PacketXpress’ ability to simultaneously store to disk and distribute from disk at over 100 Gbps allows Corelight’s analysis to keep up with any traffic load.

“We are excited to be partnering with Corelight, to address a serious need for many federal organizations that struggle with the cost of comprehensive cyber security,” said Scott Aken, CEO, Axellio. “Together we can significantly reduce risks and expenses for organizations that want deep visibility into their networks, whether it’s physical or virtual.”

“This solution is an early warning system for security engineers, providing unprecedented visibility into networks that leads to much faster response rates,” said Roger Coelho, vice president of federal, Corelight. “It closes the security visibility gaps prevalent in many of today’s government networks, no matter the data speeds. And it does this while extending the life cycle of existing monitoring infrastructure and delaying the need for expensive upgrades.”

Corelight’s NDR platform transforms network and cloud activity into evidence that cyber defenders use to drive complete visibility, next-level analytics, faster investigations, and expert threat hunting. Its platform is based on Zeek®, and defends some of the world's most sensitive, mission-critical organizations.

More information on the joint offering can be found in this solution brief.

About Axellio
Axellio is an innovator in network intelligence platforms, closing the security visibility gap for any network security application, reducing risk and security infrastructure cost, while increasing operational effectiveness. Through its high-performance PacketXpress platform for real-time and historical network traffic analysis, Axellio addresses the needs of security and network operations of defense, intelligence, and commercial enterprises. Axellio delivers an analysis-agnostic traffic capture and distribution platform, enhancing common, off-the-shelf hardware with its unique software for high efficiency traffic capture, distribution, and analysis. This allows Axellio’s customers to continue using their existing analysis infrastructure while enhancing the performance and analysis capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive and economical network security solution. Learn more about Axellio at

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